The Bake and Crafthouse provides space in our busy lives to make and create, to enjoy quality time with friends and family away from modern technology and fast commercial living. We encourage the mindset of ‘make do and mend’, and believe in spending time creating things as it is beneficial to the mind, body and soul, with the added bonus of having a new skill or something beautiful/edible at the end of it!


Opened in September 2011, bake and crafthouse offers baking and craft workshops and parties for children. The activities inspire creativity and imagination and develop essential skills for the future. During term-time we run Parent and Toddler Baking sessions, and After School Baking and Textiles Clubs. Children learn exactly what ingredients are needed for each bake, and often taste each one before combining it with their own mixture! Our textiles classes give children the skills to make and create their own pieces using a sewing machine.

During school holidays we offer a variety of creative workshops to keep the children busy, from full day baking sessions where the children make their own bread, muffins, cookies and scones, to puppet workshops where the children make their own puppet, and perform a puppet play, and sewing workshops making anything from beach bags, to Easter bunnies or Halloween brooches!

Our popular birthday parties offer a fun-filled 2 hour session either baking, crafting, pizza making, or all of the above! Each child takes home a bag of freshly baked cakes or cookies that they have made themselves.


Photography by the talented Sarah Paylor from

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